Rinnai INFINITY 26 Smartstart

A smarter way to save water.

Australia’s first dedicated, domestic water-saving hot water system the Rinnai INFINITY 26 Smartstart has all the same great features of the standard Rinnai INFINITY, but with the addition of a circulating pump to pre-heat the water.
Also available as a separate attachment for a retrofit scenario, our circulating pump is a water smart appliance and will help save you tens of thousands of litres of water over the life of your hot water system.

Features and Benefits


  • Highly efficient unit with an inbuilt hot water circulation system
  • Pre-heats the water in the pipes before you turn on the hot tap
  • Activated from any room that has a water controller
  • Saves thousands of litres of water often washed down the drain
  • 26 Litres of Hot Water per minute
  • Never runs out of Hot Water
  • 6.1 Star (Equivalent energy rating)
  • High efficiency with lower running costs
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Compatible with low flow rated shower fixtures (3 Star – 7.0 to 9.0 l/min)
  • 12 year warranty on the Heat Exchanger

General Specifications:

  • Visual (HxWxD):
    600 x 470 x 239mm
  • Gas MJ/Hr:
    High: 199 Low: 14
  • Star Rating:
  • Remote Control:
    Mandatory Controller, optional extra 3 controllers
  • Flow rate(25° Rise)
    26 Litres
  • Water pressure (kPa)
    Min: 180 Max: 500
  • Sizes:
    26 Litres
  • Colour:
    Euro White
  • Warranty:
  • Status Monitor


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