Haier Tundra (T-Series) Split Systems (Fully Installed Packages)

Price from: $1550

Changeover from $1550 includes/assumes:

Haier is the number one brand of major appliances in the world with over 80,000 employees across 30 countries. They are the parent company of both GE Appliances and Fisher & Paykel, the latter of which actually distributes and services their range of appliances in Australia.

The Tundra Series – High Quality Air-conditioning at entry-level prices!

  • Intelligent Air – Airflow is upwards in Cooling mode and downwards in Heating mode
  • Sleep Mode
  • Timer
  • Blue Fin Coils – Anti corrosion
  • Auto/Self-cleaning
  • Quiet Mode
  • Easy to use full function Remote Control
  • Quiet operation
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty


*Fully Installed Package includes/assumes:

  • “Back to Back” installation
  • Up to 3 Metres of Piping
  • Up to 15 Metres of Cable
  • Up to 3 Metres of Condensate Drain
  • Concrete Slab (not plastic)
  • Colorbond® Flashing (not plastic)
  • Compliance Certificate
  • Assumes a single storey dwelling
  • Subject to inspection of available power supply



2.6kW Installed from $1550

3.5kW Installed from $1590

5.2kW Installed from $1990

7.0kW installed from $2250

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