Hot Water Changeover – Electric Storage to Gas Continuous Flow

Price from: $1650

Changeover from $1650 includes/assumes:

Rinnai 26 Litre Continuous Flow Hot Water System

Save on Running Costs & Never Run out of Hot water!

How is this possible?

The Victorian Government oversees a rebate scheme (VEEC) that incentivises consumers to replace inefficient electric hot water systems. The rebate is specifically designed to offset the one-off cost of switching systems.

What’s included?

  • Rinnai 26 Litre Continuous Flow Hot water System NG
  • Decommissioning and electrical capping of the old Electric Hot Water System
  • Installation of the new Continuous Flow
  • Supply & installation of necessary isolation valves
  • Hot & Cold Pipework Reconfiguration (up to 4M)
  • New Gas Line (up to 5M)
  • Connection to an existing external electrical GPO
  • Both Gas & Electrical Compliance Certification
  • Nett of VEEC Govt Rebate (All paperwork, declarations etc. will be provided)

Our Assumptions (no hidden surprises!)

  • Assumes your property is already connected to gas
  • An existing external power point available
  • VEEC rebates are valued as at 22/02/19 (subject to change).
  • Eligibility criteria applies and is only available on electric to gas hot water upgrades.


External Storage Tank                    from $1650

Gravity Feed (Roof) Tank               from $1750

Subject to a no-obligation on-site visit to confirm that installation complies with the above criteria

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