PYROX (Vulcan) Power Flued Gas Wall Furnace CHANGEOVER

Price from: $2390

Changeover from $2390 includes/assumes:

Changeover from $2390 includes ⁄ assumes:

  • Supply of new Pyrox 30MJ Power Flued Gas Wall Furnace
  • Installation in the same position as the heater being replaced
  • Use of existing In-wall or on-wall ‘sound’ flueing system
  • Connection to an existing gas point
  • Connection to existing power supply
  • Additional pipework not included

Changeover Model Pricing:

Vulcan Inbuilt to Pyrox Inbuilt                                           From $2390

Vulcan Console to Pyrox Console                                      From $2690


Also included:

  • Delivery of new unit
  • Gas meter & gas line Pressure & Safety Check
  • Digital Manometer gas burner pressure setting
  • CO (Emissions) Testing post installation
  • Removal of the old unit
  • Compliance Certificate


Important Note:

Installation is subject to adequate ventilation being available. If necessary, we will perform a small test prior to installation.

Appliance details include:

  • Stylish slimline cabinet
  • Same size as older Vulcan units
  • Powerful 6.5kW heating output
  • Energy efficiency rating of 3.8 Stars
  • Designed to use with the existing in-wall or on-wall flue system
  • Electronic ignition to eliminate the need for wasteful pilot lights
  • Simple to operate electronic controls
  • Cool touch exterior cabinet
  • Direct replacement for most gas wall furnace models
  • Two year parts and labour domestic warranty
  • 10 years parts only domestic warranty on heat exchanger and burner
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