Rinnai 309FT Energysaver Gas Heater Changeover

Price from: 2190

Changeover from 2190 includes/assumes:

  • Supply of new Rinnai 309FT Energysaver
  • Supply of a new Direct Flue Kit
  • Installation of unit & flue on an external wall
  • Connection to the existing gas points and power supply at the same location
  • Additional pipework not included

Also included:

  • Delivery of new unit
  • Gas meter & gas line Pressure & Safety Check
  • Digital Manometer gas burner pressure setting
  • CO (Emissions) Testing post installation
  • Removal of the old unit
  • Compliance Certificate

NOTE: Govt Rebate Incentives are also available if:

  • Replacing Hardwired Electric Room Heater
  • Replacing Plug-in Electric Room Heater or Wood fired heater

No Rebate is available for a new installation. Strict conditions apply.

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