Rinnai 750 Gas Fire Fully Installed Packages

Price from: $6150

Changeover from $6150 includes/assumes:

  • Supply of new Rinnai 750 Gas Fire NG
  • Choice of Black or Titanium fascia’s (3 or 4 -sided)
  • Choice of Log Set or Glowing Stones
  • Supply of a standard flue system (Flexi-liner for Chimney, 3.6m Vertical or Up’n’Out rear flue for false fireplaces)
  • Installation of the unit into an existing correctly sized/pre-prepared cavity
  • Connection to an existing gas point
  • Connection to existing isolation switched power supply
  • Full Commissioning
  • CO (Emissions) Testing post installation
  • Removal of the old unit (if applicable)
  • Compliance Certificate

Masonry Fireplaces:

Changeovers from $6150

False Fireplaces:

Rear Flue from $6590

Vertical Flue from $6690

Weatherproof boxes:

Installs from $7490


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