Rinnai Sapphire Gas Log Fire Changeover.

Price from: $4950

Changeover from $4950 includes/assumes:

  • Supply of new unit – Black with Stainless Trim or all Black
  • Supply of a Flexi-liner Chimney Flue Kit (max 5 Metres)
  • Installation of unit into an existing sound fireplace of suitable size
  • Installation of the flue system
  • Fire Opening: Height: 600-640mm Width: 695-825 Depth: Min 370mm)
  • Connection to an existing gas point in the chimney
  • Connection to existing power supply
  • Digital Manometer gas burner pressure setting
  • CO (Emissions) Testing post installation
  • Removal of the old unit
  • Compliance Certificate

Important Note:

Installation is subject to adequate ventilation being available. If necessary, we will perform a small test prior to installation.

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