Coonara Chateau Gas Log Fire fully installed Package

Price from: $5990

Changeover from $5990 includes/assumes:

The Coonara Chateua Series 1 is a versatile heater ideal for both brick fireplaces or created fireplaces. It comes standard with switches on the top right hand side of the fascia, no bending required or you can get the optional thermostat for ease of use to suit your comfort levels.

  • Supply of new Coonara Chateau Gas Fire NG
  • Manual Control
  • Optional Thermostat Controller (Factory fitted) Add $395
  • Supply of a standard 3.6m flue system (Flexiliner for Chimney)
  • Additional Flexiliner length
  • Installation of the unit into an existing correctly sized fireplace
  • Connection to an existing gas point
  • Connection to existing isolation switched power supply
  • Full Commissioning
  • CO (Emissions) Testing post installation
  • Removal of the old unit (if applicable)
  • Compliance Certificate
Flaming MO's Pty Ltd.