Rinnai Drysoft 9 Gas Dryer Packages

Price from: $1540

Changeover from $1540 includes/assumes:

The fluffiest towels ever! Try it for yourself… Flaming MO’s invites you to bring in your scratchiest wet towel and throw it in the gas dryer set up in our showroom. You will be amazed by the outcome!

With the ability to dry a load of towels in well under an hour, the Dry-Soft® 9 might be considered a luxury by some, but it’s a necessity for large families.

In addition to its large 9kg capacity, the Dry-Soft® 9 only produces about one quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions when compared to a standard electric dryer. As well as drying your clothes faster and more efficiently, it also saves on running costs.

But, not only does the Dry-Soft® 9 take care of the environment, it also takes care of your clothes. Inbuilt sensors detect the moisture levels in the load, ensuring that clothes don’t over-dry. This improves efficiency and helps reduce wrinkles, and ultimately the amount of ironing.

Bench Mounted Dryer

Horizontal/Rear Exhaust Duct            $1540

Vertical Exhaust Duct                            $1640

Wall Mounted (inc Bracket)

Horizontal/Rear Exhaust Duct             $1890

Vertical Exhaust Duct                             $1990

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